What is it?

Start-ups are our passion, their accelerated development our objective. We are a Not-for-Profit set up to support entrepreneurs in their quest for success.

Put simply, an Accelerator programme helps a start-up or early stage start up business get through its “adolescent phase” and prepares it to enter “adulthood”.  The emphasis of the accelerator is on rapid growth and to sort out all organisational, operational and strategic challenges and difficulties that might be facing the business.  It seeks to clear a pathway for the future through the facilitation and the interaction of seasoned entrepreneurs who have the knowledge and experience to add real time value to the entrepreneurs and their start-up business. 



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What's involved?

This programme is quite unique in that it is being run as a Not-For-Profit programme.  It also intends to adopt a “Founders’ Co-op” model which, again, reinforces our commitment to the participants and support of the start-up eco-system.  This unique model involves qualified participants accepted on the programme investing 3% of their equity for shares in a fund formed for the benefit of and to be shared by the start-ups themselves participating in the programme.  

A strong focus and emphasis will be on the marketing and revenue generating aspects of the each start-up.  A significant network of international contacts and networks are available to assist in the development of each business, along with a skilled panel of coaches and mentors.

What is a typical Day?

From our experience there is no such thing as a typical day on this Accelerator.  Each day will be different as some days you will be presented with new ideas and processes and the next day you may be seeking to implement and try out any recommendations.  The programme will involve on average three to four group mentor sessions per week and additional individual sessions with each participants.  There will be numerous break-out sessions and team-building events as a regular part of the pursuit of total focus and increased momentum.

Is there support?

Each start-up will be provided with facilities to house their business, mentors to develop their business, visibility to enhance their business and support to take advantage of business opportunities that emerge from this programme. 

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